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Comprehensive COVID-19 Plan to Vaccinate over 100 Million African Americans and Latinos Nationwide!

3 Main Goals of COVID19 Vaccination Plan:


Administer COVID-19 vaccines in an effective, safe, and culturally sensitive setting.

 Vaccine distribution must fit into the life, community, and cultural habits of the most vulnerable populations who need it, including those who work in retail, those who interact with the public on a daily basis, pregnant women, dependent children, the homeless, and individuals with compromised immunity, especially in areas where the poverty rate is above 30-40%.


Create a comprehensive outreach and education plan about the COVID-19 vaccines

 tailored specifically for the African American community and its reluctance to take medicine for underlying health conditions or to receive vaccines.


Work with each state’s public health system

. Integrating our plan into each state’s strategy will ensure that all states’ most vulnerable individuals get vaccinated, including those communities that have a vaccine-resistance rate above 80%. Only culturally tailored plans that speak to the concerns of each community will work

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